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Books and Monstrosities [February’s Flutters]

I can’t spell February. It’s a really awkward word and is off my ‘what I’ll name children/pets/inanimate objects’ list. (Rejoice, Future Thingies! I’ve spared you a lifetime of misspellings!)

Also: I’m sorry, but this post is a little long. I planted the seeds and boom! the words just leapt upwards.

books read


The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest was my least favourite read this month. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t get along with it. The writing didn’t click with me, nor did the main characters – we just didn’t get along well.

The Golden Braid was actually one of my favourite reads. Same author, different book, better reading experience. Rapunzel rocks. ’nuff said.

The Wrath and the Dawn was beautifully written. However, if you set out to kill an evil ruler – and have evidence of his evilness – then you really ought to finish the business. Even if he is handsome. And haunted.

Here’s a truth for you, my dear heroine:

Very Nice Faceiness ≠ Innocence*

*I’d like to add that haunted looks are not a sign of character depth. The Evil Bloke could just be suffering from indigestion.

The Three Musketeers the post is here. Unexpectedly funny. Made me want to don a sword, kidnap someone’s friends, and dash off for adventures.dissolution

Whose Body? The audiobook of which made me check the bath for bodies for years after hearing it. I’ve now read it. I haven’t checked the bath. Progress has been made.

The Shardlake Series are about a hunchback lawyer during Henry VIII’s time. I’ve read three, so far. Immersive writing, characters you grow to warmly like and gruesome murders. Sounds perfect (though I could do without the sprinkling of Certain Elements).

words written

It’s been bad, folks. Clearly going through a month which I can’t spell has badly affected my writing. I’ve managed a little on Our Intrepid Heroine The Third or It Could Be Two Point Five .

“Bluebells!” burst out Bob. “I’d understand it if he bunged his ears as you do sometimes. It’s perfectly understandable that some ears cannot cope with melodies-”

Your melodies,” muttered our Intrepid Heroine.

“-but this-” Bob gestured wildly about him “-is a bit of an overreaction.”


It turns out that by some strange twist of fate, my jaunt in the 1920s was placed in the top ten of the Rooglewood Press’ Five Magic Spindles contest. I give hearty thank you to the judges. Expect to hear more of this tale for I am going to a) butcher it excessively and b) read lots of Wodehouse and Thirkell (for research. Obviously.)

life lived

IT’S GETTING LIGHTER! So long, Winter! Your back never looked finer. Hello, Spring! It’s awfully nice to see you.

I’ve finished crocheting a blanket for my bed. It’s a relaxing hobby and the results tend to look far better than my attempt at knitting a scarf. ‘Wonky and holey monstrosities’ are the words that come to mind when recalling that fated attempt.

have a splendid week – nay! – a splendid month, my friends!

8 thoughts on “Books and Monstrosities [February’s Flutters]”

  1. Yay! I am always keen to find good new indie fairy tale retellings. Let me know if you’d like a beta reader, Ness ;).

    LOVE your comments on THE WRATH AND THE DAWN. Cannot agree more. Endorse 1000%. 😁

    1. OOOhhh, be warned – it’s very Jeevish (if I dare make the comparison!) but if dotty mothers, well-meaning heroines and bumbling attempts at a) heroism and b) 20s slang are your cup of tea, I would love to take you up on your kind offer.

      And The Wrath and the Dawn was so beautiful in the reading … it was just the characters that let me down. I’m hoping the sequel is better but don’t know if I shall splurge. The *shocking* ending felt a bit like a cop out to me.

      1. Oh, I learned a lot from the writing! It was the plot, characterisation, and setting that let me down ;). I’m hoping to read Rosamund Hodge’s CRUEL BEAUTY soon; I hear that is a cut above most, and it certainly appears to have a similar plot.

        As for whether “Sandwiches” would be my cuppa, I should send you photographic evidence.

      2. … right, so I shall be sending it over soon then. 😀 Email?

        Cruel Beauty?! It will be interesting to read your review of that one.

        Haven’t started on Red Rising yet (it awaits!) but refused to read your review of Morning Star … possible spoilers, don’t you know 😀

  2. Ooh The Golden Braid sounds cool. I love the Rapunzel story.

    Lol! Love that “very nice faceiness ≠ innocence. How true this is.

    So awesome that you placed in the top ten! Can’t wait to hear more about this story!

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