“I didn’t have anything left to do except to die. I would do it nobly. With dignity. Preferably after a moving speech.”

A monstrous Natterdash is waking, the dread Wizard Tig is stalking Planet Ora, and a new Prophecy regarding their destruction has been announced. In the central role? A Human abducted from 21st century England and cast as The Foretold One.

Long time captive and full time Suffragist, Victorian Primula ‘Vi’ Ravensbourne is dragged into the mix to act as translator and Thrawk keeper. With unseen enemies, reluctant Foretold Ones, and a gift that is Most Unexpected, she’ll soon find that all is not as it seems.

Vi may want the populace to have a Voice, but one must be alive in order to speak. Can Vi help fulfil a Prophecy that is rapidly running off track, and off script?

For those who like:

  • what would life be like if you got stuck in a portal world? And you’ve been there for years??
  • background slow burn romance
  • Victorian heroines / colliding with modern characters
  • Faint vibes of: Wodehouse/Pratchett/Amelia Peabody
  • fantasy/sci-fi/planetary
  • Wacky weirdness
  • Flying furniture

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These are the facts: Our Intrepid Heroine has a unicorn following her about, she can’t pronounce ‘felicitations’, and she’s on her way to slay a dragon. A dragon that has killed an entire flock of her father’s sheep, three goats and one pig. And a frog.

Our Heroine has a sword named ‘Death’ and a spear called ‘Doom’. She is afflicted by the presence of pesky princesses, mysterious Hooded Persons, and noble knights.

Narrated by a Narrator who is fond of detours and digressions, this is a short novella with tongue-in-cheek humour and Very Important Tips in hunting dragons that will be sure to stir the curiosity of the eager amateur dragon-hunter.

For those who like:

  • A mood lifter/chuckle rouser (okay, okay, it makes ME chuckle and it might not be Your Cup Of Tea and that’s quite alright)
  • Tropes gently laughed at
  • Sensible heroines
  • Novellas – under 100 pages
  • Unicorns etc

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The Faithful Traitor – Standalone – action/adventure

STATUS: editing

Our Intrepid Heroine: The Curse Of Cackling Meadows

STATUS: to be rereleased with a new front cover and fully edited

Our Intrepid Heroine: The Third Book – final in the Our Intrepid Heroine, working title

STATUS: writing

Fae Lord Does The Cotswolds – Standalone – working title – romance

STATUS: writing