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Fancy an Adventure?

Our Intrepid Heroine doesn’t have a boat – lamentably. Here it symbolises an adventure. Fancy one?

Christmas time. A time for gifts – to celebrate the giving of the greatest Gift of all. So, methought, why don’t I – as a Christmas gift to all those who read this blog – do some technological thingy-bob-things and give you Our Intrepid Heroine.

From today to Friday, Our Intrepid Heroine is yours for the taking. Yours! All wrapped up in, in virtual wrapping paper!

Simply click the link below to fly over to Amazon where an adventure awaits you. It isn’t a long adventure – just a small one. But life is made up of small adventures and this one has a dragon, a Hooded Person of Unknown Gender, a very determined (and courageous) Intrepid Heroine and a dash (well, more like a dollop) of humour.

This is the Link. Beyond is the Present.

Merry Christmas!

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