he just had to go and smirk, didn’t he?

All bookworms have pet peeves. Here are a few of mine:


“So you love me, do you?” said Tom with a smirk.

When a character smirks, I assume that a) they are probably telling an off colour joke or b) they are a villain. You’ll forgive me for getting a little annoyed at a hero who has the downright gall to smirk his line. It is my firm belief that there is nothing attractive about smirking.

There is, however, a great deal of satisfaction to be had imagining a hearty slap to a smirking face.

love triangles

It was hard on the poor girl. She loved Harry with all of her heart. This was odd, for only last Saturday she had told Jonny the same thing. We were forced to conclude that she was a Time  Lord.*

A human being can love more than one person. This is a simple truth. I understand it. What I don’t understand is: a) how a heroine can be selfish enough to keep dithering between who she really, really loves (keeping both unfortunates hanging there, hoping that they will be picked. Gosh, it’s as if this is some literary form of The Bachelorette) and b) the two love interests actually put up with it.

Love conquers all, it seems – including self-respect.

sweet children who are surely born for plot devices

Toni ran up to the tortured stranger. She flung her arms about his knees and declared in a beautiful, innocent voice: “Wuv heals all dos nasty wounds. Wanna marry my mummy?”

You know what I’m talking about. The children who are unnatural in their sweetness, who are always good-tempered, who react to complete strangers (most always the hero/heroine) as if they’ve known them for yonks.

When this happens, I find myself quite puzzled and doubt my experience with all small children. I mean, this isn’t natural behaviour. Is it?

*For those not enamoured with Doctor Who: a Time Lord has two hearts. Personally, I thought the reference was brilliant. *cough* I am, of course, magnificently humble.

6 thoughts on “he just had to go and smirk, didn’t he?”

  1. Haha, you are magnificently humble indeed! 😉

    Oh yes the tropes that honestly cannot be escaped. Because I’ve definitely seen these tropes a lot. However, I must admit that I am in the minority and like the word smirk. In fact, I probably prefer it to grinning though I do still like the word grin. But grin often makes me think of someone smiling over the top with full teeth like their picture is being taken and its soooo fake. Okay, I know that’s really weird. Feel free to ignore my weird imaginations, lol.

    Love triangles. Yeah, I really prefer there not to be love triangles but I totally get why writers use them. It’s easy angst. However it’s NOT easy to read them. Like you said, how can I respect this heroine who keeps dragging two guys along? Love triangles have to be done well for me to like them and that doesn’t happen too often. At all.

    Perfect children. Yeah that is weird. What gets me is the friend who’s just there to give romantic advice. Why? And why is the advice always stupid? Like the heroine is saying, “I don’t know if I should date this guy who I barely know” and her friend is like, “Throw caution out the door, stupid! He’s cute and muscular and that’s all that matters.” Like… what? Hahah.

    1. I see what you mean about grinning. For me, when I read it, I imagine a sort of juvenile expression which can be completely wrong depending on what sort of character is doing it.

      I agree with you on love triangles, however, I’ve never actually come across one which made me sympathise. Do you have any recommendations?

      YAAAASSSSS! One hundred percent with you on that. The all-wise friend can be irritating. And so … convenient for the main character. It’s like they only exist to cheer the MC on. And give terrible advice.

      Forgive me for taking so long in replying!

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