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death of a bookworm

paintroom.JPGIt’s late and I’m tired. I’ve spent most of the day painting. It’s going … all right. I can’t say I’m wonderful at it, but I manage. My jeans are covered in white finger prints. My bedroom is jammed like a bad game of Tetris.

Two bookshelves have been emptied, their contents piled in corners and stacked along the radiator. Apparently, I own quite a few books. A third of which I haven’t read. (I’m pulling that figure out of thin air. It could be half. I’m not sayin’.)

What on earth is she rambling on about? you wonder. (Yes. I can hear you.) Get to the point already.

I have a book buying habit. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook, a second-hand book or a brand new book … all come into my possession with a quiet frequency. And so my shelves grow more packed and my to-read pile grows up and up until they’ll be using it in basic astronomy:

Question: How far is to the moon? Answer: Ness’s to-read pile.

But … that isn’t the reason of this post. (Ha. I haz mizlead you. Maniacal Laugh.) I don’t feel guilty about my to-read pile. In fact, I’m comforted by it – the books are there for me when I need them. I can pick them up right now, next week or next year. They aren’t – to my knowledge – going anywhere.

I love owning books. Love having a personal library that I can gloat over occasionally. I love being rich in words and stories.

And yet, I’ve come to a decision. It doesn’t really have much of a reason behind it. (Other than self-induced torture. Obviously.) As with most of my decisions, it is impulsive and will not be immediately regretted.


I feel as if I need a drumroll.

I – Ness Kingsley – have decided …

Image result for drum roll gif

… that I am not going to buy a single book in the month of September.

Image result for jaw drop gif

Wish me well, my friends – already do I hear the siren’s call of kindle offers, charity shops and the marvel of Amazon’s one penny books.

8 thoughts on “death of a bookworm”

  1. So you heard the sirens call TOO?? Of course I have to admit that books are not what’s calling me. Just everything else… mainly food. Since living on my own now and trying to live by my budget, I have an obsession with wanting all sorts of food that I really don’t need. You know like sauces and crackers and cookies and cakes and EVERYTHING I NEED IT NOW!! Lol.
    This is another reason why I dare not go into the mall. (Clothing is in THERE!!) But sometimes late at night I can hear it calling me… just visit us, it says, you don’t have to buuuuuy anything. Yeah right!
    Good luck with you goal! Be strong! I am reminded of Ulysses who tied himself to the mast so that he wouldn’t be lured in by the sirens. Now if I could just find a mast….

      1. Nice!! I think I’m discovering my will power too because I haven’t gone crazy and splurged so far. Yes, strength in numbers! After all – a day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship. But it is not THIS DAY!! This day WE FIGHT!!! *epic music swells and an invisible crowd roars their agreement while we ride off on our horses looking BOSS as we ALWAYS DO!!!*

  2. Oh my goodness. THIS POST. ❤ You are witty and make me chuckle and it's so TRUE about all the books! I think my owned books which I have not read yet monstrously outweigh the number I HAVE read at this point. Which is slightly terrifying. But I refuse to stop! Ahem. I applaud your self-restraint. I should totally do one of those sometime… *cough*

    1. Thank you. I’m trying and am determined to make it through to the end. But the thing is … the books that you haven’t read will still be there, waiting for you to pick them up. They aren’t library books and you don’t have to read them by a set date. They are yours. (NO! NESS STOP TALKING YOURSELF ONTO AN AMAZON PAGE OF THAT ONE BOOK YOU NEEEEED …) 😀

      On a more serious note, I really thinking owning books is a form of wealth.

      1. I’m the same!! They’re just THERE so you don’t HAVE to read them… So I keep reading library books and books I need to review at a certain time. It’s a mess.


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