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The Coolest Dude to Ever Dude

If you’ve hung around my blog long enough, you may have noticed that I quite like Georgette Heyer’s books. (If you haven’t noticed, I give you the evidence of: How do you reform a rake? Deathbeds and [plenty of] Adventure, and A Dash of Heyer.)

Ah-hem. Moving on. The time has come to discuss one of her side-characters. He’s long been a favourite of mine. I have decided to share him with you.

311165It is my firm opinion that Lord Legerwood – found in Cotillion – is the best thing since sliced bread, second-hand book shops and a hundred bars of white chocolate.

book summary // to set the scene

Kitty Charing can inherit a fortune from her irascible great-uncle Matthew when she marries one of her cousins. Kitty is not wholly averse, if the right nephew proposes. Unfortunately, Kitty has set her heart on Jack Westruther, a confirmed rake.

To make him jealous and to see a little more of the world, Kitty convinces cousin Freddy Standen to pose as her fiance. In London with his family, she hopes to render the elusive Jack madly jealous.

New friends embroil her in their romantic troubles, sprinkling witty banter with Parisian phrases. Her French cousin, Camille, a professional gambler, has won the heart of Olivia, in turn the object of Jack’s dishonorable intentions. Doltish cousin Lord Dolphinton has fallen for a merchant’s daughter in conflict with his mother. Kitty herself wonders who is really right for her.

Freddy is not known for his initiative, nor for his intelligence. His father – Lord Legerwood – is aware of this. His father is awesome. What follows is a beautiful journey in a blossoming father-son relationship.

Image result for happy gif
bear with me and lemme show you

‘I shall have to hatch a scheme or other,’ [Freddy] decided.

‘Do you think you will?’ enquired Lord Legerwood, regarding him with a fascinated eye.

Slowly, over the course of the book (and with far too few scenes for my liking) Lord Legerwood’s attitude towards his son changes.

‘Offended you, sir?’ asked Freddy intelligently.

‘Not at all. How came such an idea as that into your head?’

‘Notice more than you think,’ said Freddy, with simple pride. ‘Never call me Frederick except when I’ve vexed you.’

‘Almost you encourage me to look forward to a brilliant career for you!’ said his lordship, impressed.

He realises that his son has:georgetteheyerbooks

‘… depths hitherto unsuspected by me, my dear boy.’

Freddy has a sister, Meg by name, who is quite flighty.

‘Oblige me, Freddy, by telling me if Jack Westruther is often to be found in Berkeley Square?’

Freddy’s brow darkened. ‘Too dashed often, for my taste. No need for you to trouble yourself though. Keeping my eye on Meg!’

Lord Legerwood, sustaining yet another shock, said faintly: ‘You are?’

‘To be sure I am. What’s more, got my own notion of what’s in the wind.’ He nodded portentously, but added: ‘Don’t mean to say anything about that: not my affair! Trouble is – beginning to think he’s too damned loose in the haft!’

‘I have thought that any time these past seven years,’ said Lord Legerwood.

‘You have?’ said Freddy, regarding him with affectionate pride. ‘Always say you’re the downiest man I know, sir! Up to every rig and row in town!’

‘Freddy, you unman me!’ said his father, profoundly moved.

I could harp on about Freddy or the Twist of Pure Wonderousness that can be found in this novel. But I won’t. I will restrain myself. Because this post is dedicated to Lord Legerwood. An epic father. The Coolest Dude to Ever Dude.

I wish to commission someone to:

  1. create a time machine
  2. beseech Georgette Heyer to write a book for Lord Legerwood. (Scenes of him getting pleasantly surprised by his children, his wife or even a multitude of wildlife would be brilliant.)

Thank you and good night.

// if the quotations haven’t convinced you that Lord Legerwood IS the Coolest Dude to Ever Dude, I would suggest checking the book out right here //

22 thoughts on “The Coolest Dude to Ever Dude”

  1. Welp, another one for the TBR. *adds to Goodreads* Now I must scuttle off to read your other Heyerish posts… I’ve read and loved The Grand Sophy and Frederica so far, and I just started Devil’s Cub which I’m really liking so far. Do you have other suggestions? *goes to read your other posts*

    1. Okay. *rubs hands together* A Civil Contract – in which the heroine isn’t beautiful (finally!). Sylvester, in which the heroine is an author and sets the hero as a villian in her novel (hijinks ensue). Behold, Here is Poison because … it has Randall Matthews in it and be still my beating heart … I’d better stop or your TBR pile will grow even taller!

      1. Hmm, I didn’t know she did mysteries too. o.o *adds the poison one* It’s at my library. ๐Ÿ™‚ *sobs heartbreakingly because the other two you mentioned are NOT and they sound AMAZING!!* A heroine who isn’t beautiful — what is this gloriousness?? And the heroine of Sylvester WRITES THE HERO AS A VILLAIN IN HER NOVEL?? :O I NEED THIS LIKE I NEED AIR. *adds to wishlist* Thanks so much for your recommendations! ๐Ÿ˜€

      2. You’re welcome. Oh gosh, she wrote quite a few mysteries. I’ve got most all of them and should probably do a few posts because, my word, there are GEMS of characters in them.

        And Sylvester – oh my word, it’s so funny. And there’s kidnapping (isn’t there always?) and it’s just … brilliant ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. AGREED! Though … wouldn’t Hawkeye be less sad because he has a wife and two kids? Bucky has no one. No one but Steve who will be with him … till the end of the line *sniffs*

      2. Okay, fair. XD I still like him though. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s underappreciated by fans is Hawkeye. *nods* AND YES SAD BUCKY! D: *cries* “Cause I’m with you till the end of the line” is my signature on the NaNo forums. XD *hugs poor Bucky forever* He’s pretty fabulous. ๐Ÿ˜€

        …Do I remember hearing once that you wrote a fairly ginormous fanfiction about Bucky? ‘CAUSE I WANTS TO READ IT SOMEDAY PRECIOUS. O_O

      3. So I was perusing this coolest dude to ever dude post again from your Frederica post, and lo and behold I see this conversation which I forgot we had many moons back AND YES I WOULD LIKE A LINK TO THE BUCKY FANFICTION GLORIOUSNESS if it still exists because I never saw your reply somehow but I want it. XD

  2. Hi Ness – well done – I just bought a copy of Cotillion. I remember my sisters reading – and loving – all the Georgette Hayer books – but at the time i was more fascinated by the “torn bodice” covers on the Angelique books by Seargeanne Colon (or somebody like that!). Anyway, just started to read Cotillion – my second Heyer after Spring Muslin, which was delightful froth – and I’ve taken a bit of a shine to Kitty (my mother’s name) already!
    Stephen Russell

    1. My work is done, then! ‘Delightful froth’ is the perfect way to describe Heyer! Ha – and what about Lord Dolphinton? He’s ever so good and Freddy is an utter gem!

      You’re more than welcome and thank you for stopping by!
      All the best,

  3. Yes! Someone please travel back in time and ask Georgie to please give us a prequel. We want to know about how Freddyโ€™s parents got together! I want to hear Lord Legerwoodโ€™s story.

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