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being whelmed and getting hitched


I’ve been reading, quite extensively at times. Old favourites, new ones. Gorging on a new-found author. (Erm, not literally.)

Person Sitting While Open the Book

It seems that the closer I come to The Adventure, the more I try to avoid thinking about it. It’s subconscious, I don’t think ‘come now, Ness, let us avoid reality.’ But, it happens. I’m excited about The Adventure, terribly so. Nervous, anxious, itching to get on with it. But staying whelmed by reading.

(That’s the opposite of overwhelmed. I’m giving it a new definition.)

… or I’m reading so much because I am a dedicated bookworm at heart. It could just be that too.

i’m getting hitched

I didn’t know it until last night, but I am well on my way to matrimonial bliss. An Englishman, Irishman, and Scotsman (doesn’t that sound like the setup for a joke?) walked into my place of work.

(Well, I know that one was Irish, one was Scottish, and the other was either English or Irish or Scottish. I’m not sure; the ear I should have for accents is profoundly deaf.)

The probable Englishman (‘my name’s such and such, but you can call me ‘fiance”) admitted that he didn’t have enough cash for a quick elopement to Las Vegas, so the Scotsman gamely stepped up and offered (‘I do‘ he said, clearly foreshadowing our vows).

Woman Wearing Pink and White Low Top Shoes Dancing Beside Man

We’re getting married in Las Vegas on the 12th of September (he was too busy on the 10th) and are going to have matching tattoos, and flame-haired children.

So that’s that sorted, then.


This is a bit embarrassing. I’ve been suffering a mighty writer’s block brought about by three things:

  • Tiredness, due to work
  • A Wish To Read Instead, due to my bookworm nature
  • Lack Of Will Power, I’ve got the word document open often enough – but rarely do I actually, oh, I don’t know, add actual words.

BUT I HAVE HAD A BREAKTHROUGH. (And this is the embarrassing bit.)

I’ve changed the font.


I was writing until half one last night/early this morning. AND ALL I DID WAS CHANGE THE FONT.

I just … nope. Why? Why does my brain act this way? Why?! Why couldn’t it have been ‘you must bathe in the milk of a unicorn at dawn when the crow calls twice with lisp and once with a hiccup’ or something like that. But noooo, it turns out that I’m a simple woman with simple ways to get over things: have writer’s block? Change the font. Boom. Done.

I think I’d make a terrible arty book heroine; I’ve no complicated connection to my artistic soul. Fonts. That’s the key. I’m not bitter about it, or anything …

happy reading/writing!

8 thoughts on “being whelmed and getting hitched”

    1. Fonts are important. Mega important to my creative process, apparently.

      I shall save up your congratulations for when I do get married. Unfortunately my Scotsman and I are not to be – I’m not even in the country in September (part of the reason I suggested the date. I know. I am an evil genius.)

      And the thing is, I don’t know his last name. (Or his first name, actually) And that’s a bit of a dealbreaker. What if it was ‘McToadish’ or ‘McBellyheather’ or something like that?

      1. Ohhhh I see. XD I think. 😛
        I’m usually unimaginative with my fonts and use Times New Roman… EXCEPT when I’m doing titles. Then I have a ball and run with aaall the different prettiful fonts. 😀

  1. You’re getting married!!! CONGRATS!!!! That’s so awesome!!
    Haha, well I need to change my fonts then becuz staring at blank pages and then exiting has been my problem for some months now.

    1. Thank you. However, I’m not actually getting married. You see, when his friend said ‘you can call me fiancé’ … I looked at these three total strangers and just … ran with it. I suggested the date, the place, the how etc etc.

      It’s one of my weaknesses in life – if someone says something ridiculous to me, I’ll look at them seriously and continue on.

      If you want me to call you fiancé? All right then. I will plan the wedding and name all the children for you.

      I have a problem, I know.


      Together we can conquer this evil, evil block.

      1. Hahaha! Okay now it all makes sense! I knew your story was meant to be silly, but I thought you didn’t want to tell the real details lol!!

        HAHA! So you just run with it! That’s so awesome!! Please never stop. You are brilliant!!

        Yes, font change for the win. This evil will NEVER prevail!

  2. Haha! I refuse to write in Times New Roman. Garamond is nothing special, but it’s easier to write beautiful thoughts in, I find.

    1. You see, I find writing in Times New Roman to be enjoyable … until it isn’t. And then I have to switch to something else, as I have just found out. But never Comic Sans then. It would affect my writing in a terrible, terrible way.

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