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confessions of a bookstagramer

I crochet, harbour world conquering aspirations, and oh! I take pictures of books. Here are three bookstagram related confessions of mine …

1 // once, i drove out into the countryside to get a good picture

Newly bitten by the bookstagram bug, I took a flask of tea, a library book, and one of my favourite Rosemary Sutcliff novels out into the Peak District. I climbed a rocky out-crop, saw breathtaking views, sipped tea and took pictures of my books when no one was around. As you do.


Convincing myself that I did it just to get out in the great outdoors didn’t work. Nope. I wanted a darn good picture of a book. And I got one. #proudofit

Image result for rejoicing gif

2 // i don’t read with fairy lights

I love fairy lights. I have them over my mirror, tangled in my bookcases and spread on my desk. I love fairy lights, but I do not read with them on my lap. Before bookstagram, I never considered arranging fairy lights on my bed, making sure my legs didn’t look too odd, and sitting at an awkward angle.

But then bookstagram happened, and I found myself wanting to share my current read. In an artful, completely impractical way.


3 // i take books outside and stuff ’em in bushes

IT MADE SENSE AT THE TIME, OKAY?! A book about Jane? As in Tarzan and Jane? Take it outside and put it in the shrubbery. Now. Just do it.

observe the perfection!

But then someone on Instagram noticed. And so, when my birthday rolled around, they insisted a picture needed to be taken of my cake. In the fuchsias. Just because.

oh ho ho. very funny

8 thoughts on “confessions of a bookstagramer”

  1. AAAAAHH THE SUTCLIFF BOOK PICTURE. :O If I could go out and be around scenery/walls like that, I would totally go out like every day. O_o GORGEOUS. Also oh my goodness you call those lights on strings fairy lights?? Is this a British thing because that’s SO COOL! (They’re Christmas lights over here… but pffft, they should totally be around outside of December so I dunno why…)

    1. Haha! I’m glad you liked it. Sometimes I forget how wonderful the countryside is, and then out I go and think wow, this is beautiful. And then I start shivering because it’s autumn and I forgot to bring my coat 😀

      Christmas lights are the kind you put up seasonally. Fairy lights are the glorious kind that you can have up all year round. They are, essentially, the same thing but with different titles.

    1. I have zero flexibility (can’t even touch my toes – whyyy!) and so taking nice pictures including my limbs is an awkward and paaaainful business.

      Thank you very much : )

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