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I’m ever so glad I’m not a mole [January’s Jumbles]

I didn’t really enjoy January – or rather, I didn’t enjoy parts of January. There was much illness and traveling to work in the dark. (I have nothing against traveling to work or darkness but put them together? There are reasons I am not a mole, my friends.)

books read

lunarchroinclesThe Lunar Chronicles … I found the first book hard going, but after that? I gulped down the rest down like one does a cup of tea on a cold day. Or … perhaps ‘eating too much ice cream and suffering from brain freeze afterwards’ would be a less poetic, and yet more accurate, analogy.

King Solomon’s Mines taught me that a) its racism stunk more than comfrey water – and as I once tried to stand in a bin of supposedly frozen comfrey water, I should know – and b) a monocle is the ultimate fashion accessory.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was sad. All right? It was. Poor George. Silly Ann. Wait? That’s not what this book was about? Really? Well … all right then.

words written

Not many – far too few to my liking. I’ve hit a slump, my friends, and I’m only just attempting to scramble out of it.

On a brighter note, the first few paragraphs of Our Intrepid Heroine the Third have been written:

“Oh come on! He was more interested in the aphids on his roses then a rebel attack in the north. Aphids! Does no one think that’s slightly skewed priorities? No one?”

life lived

What do you do when a new year yawns before you? You take it a little bit at a time. Life itself is not promised to us – we only have today, this very moment. The more life seems uncertain, the more I realise that we are all cradled in the palm of His hands.

songs heard

Do you know what’s perfect to listen to when you’re blinking sleep away whilst getting dressed at an unseemly hour? This:

here’s to a splendid new month, my friends

17 thoughts on “I’m ever so glad I’m not a mole [January’s Jumbles]”

    1. *beams* How very lovely! 😀 And cool. It’s utterly cool too. The third one … haha, I’ve got plans. Devious and perhaps brilliant plans that just. might. work … XD

  1. OH HELLO THERE’S MY SONG. *melts into a puddle*

    Also, I thought I followed your blog but maybe I don’t??? Maybe it’s just on Bloglovin’, which I check like once a month. I’ll re-follow you. : )

    1. I cannot tell you how much I love … yes. I can. This song is brilliant. When I first heard it I was blown away. (I might have overplayed it. *Might have*)

      So thank you : )

      (And thank you for re-following too :D)

      1. Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL?! When I first heard it (in a Steve/Peggy video, which still makes me cry), I was completely blown away, too. The first instrumental part is beautiful, and then he starts singing and it’s just… GAH. I might have overplayed it, too, because I was trying to learn how to play it on the piano. (Gosh, now I have to go play it again.) You are so welcome. : )

      2. Nooo! Don’t mention Steve and Peggy to me. (In CA:WS Her line of ‘it’s been so long’ is so aching and bittersweet and sad and it *always* makes me teary).

      3. *heavy sigh* I forgive you. I’m not watching it again for awhile though. (I’m taking tissues to Civil War btw … one must always be prepared for one’s heart to be torn in two).

      4. Yeah I can only watch it every now and then. That song just gets to me. (Ugh, yes. Same. I’m already very carefully selecting who I’ll go see it with. They have to be willing to watch me sob for two hours.)

      5. Oh boy. I’m really looking forward to it, but I just *know* that horrible happenings are going to happen. (‘I’m with you … ’till the end of the line’ … nope. Let’s not think about that.)

  2. Those are the reasons I’m not a mole either. I mean, I could be a hobbit and live in the ground in comfortable warmness? But yeah, eh, travelling to work in the dark doesn’t sound fun. D: I don’t ever really enjoy January, tbh. IT’S TOO HOT in Australia. So I’m glad it’s February and life is getting a bit back to normal. ;D

    I LOVE THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. ❤ I cannot wait for the last novellas to come out!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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