// adieu and farewell

One of the advantages of having a vivid imagination is that writing can be such fun; you’re never quite sure what will happen next in a story. But the disadvantages?

Ah. Yes. Those.

By the time this post will be live, I will probably be on my way to America. Probably. Remember that ‘vivid imagination’ I was just telling you about? It can be a bit of a pain.

For instance, I have a suitcase. It’s pink. It just fits the airline’s regulations for a carry on case. In my mind, that suitcase is taken away from me. It doesn’t fit. A stern member of the cabin crew is unforgiving and stoic. They charge me my first-born child, a fortune and my soul to put it in the hold.

Or, I get to America. And miss my train. An American train. I have enough trouble with English public transport, but American?! Everything is bigger there, is it not? INCLUDING MY MISHAPS! I’ll miss my train and the next train (yes, I’ve booked two trains just in case) and then I am stranded in America. In a big city. On my own.

I’ll get hopelessly lost and it will be dark and my life will end in one big hodgepodge of embarrassment and regret.

Or, I’ll climb into a cab only to find that *plot twist!* it isn’t a cab.

Do you see the pitfalls of a vivid imagination? Do you? Do you?!! It’s agony and despair and annoyingly, quite hilarious when you really think about it.

All the best adventures are the ones that are surprising. In the meantime, I’ve chosen the book to take with me (Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier) and need a good night’s sleep to prepare for the ridiculous time I have to leave in the morning.

Vivid Imagination, I defy you. Whatever does happen – be the journey bad or good, full of worry or realising that my phone doesn’t call American numbers and I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE THING YOU ADD TO THE THING IS … I’m going to relish it as an adventure and pray with the desperation of an Englishwoman who has just realised she’s not going to taste True Tea for a while.

So there.

if she hasn’t accidentally caught the wrong flight and found herself stranded in the jungles of Darkest Peru, Ness will be back in six weeks

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I Love Lucy, Presents and Books being Published

I have discovered I love Lucy and now have Season 1 coming in the post. But don’t tell my family – it’s a Christmas present. Ahem.

… and in other news

I am quite happy to announce that Our Intrepid Heroine is up and running. Not literally. But metaphorically.

*wipes eye* it’s so … beautiful.



There are three things that you really ought to know about our Intrepid Heroine: Firstly, she cannot pronounce ‘felicitations’. Secondly, a unicorn is following her about. Thirdly, she’s on her way to kill a dragon.

A dragon that has killed an entire flock of her father’s sheep, three goats and one pig.

And a frog.

Throw in a command from a King, a knight (or two), and a mysterious Hooded Person of Unknown Gender and this dragon had better watch his scales.

Have a great week!