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I Love Lucy, Presents and Books being Published

I have discovered I love Lucy and now have Season 1 coming in the post. But don’t tell my family – it’s a Christmas present. Ahem.

… and in other news

I am quite happy to announce that Our Intrepid Heroine is up and running. Not literally. But metaphorically.

*wipes eye* it’s so … beautiful.



There are three things that you really ought to know about our Intrepid Heroine: Firstly, she cannot pronounce ‘felicitations’. Secondly, a unicorn is following her about. Thirdly, she’s on her way to kill a dragon.

A dragon that has killed an entire flock of her father’s sheep, three goats and one pig.

And a frog.

Throw in a command from a King, a knight (or two), and a mysterious Hooded Person of Unknown Gender and this dragon had better watch his scales.

Have a great week!

3 thoughts on “I Love Lucy, Presents and Books being Published”

  1. YOUR BOOK IS OUT! I am buying it, like, right now. I can’t wait!!! I needed a story like this right now.

    I love Lucy is so much fun. I love that show. (Ehe, love, get it? I need sleep.)

    1. Yes! I hope you enjoy it : )

      You love her too?!! It’s had me laughing and nearly killing myself with choking on coffee. Note to self: don’t drink coffee whilst watching the show. And yes, your pun was punny. I need sleep too …

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