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ear piercing adventures [Story Time]

It’s partially the fault of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and my liking of magnetic earrings as a youngling, but recently I decided to have my ears pierced.

I mean – lots of people have had their ears pierced, haven’t they? It’s no big deal, right?


You see, though I like dangling earrings, I cannot bear piercings. I cannot compute. What if someone yanks your ear and the hole tears?!!!

Sometimes I was very happy at the idea. Self, I’d say, it would look so good. That bit of jaw would be made to look SO elegant. But then I’d look at pictures of piercings and feel ill. Self, I’d say, maybe another time.

And thus it would go on. Until, of course, one day when I took the plunge. ‘It’s a just a prick’ they said. ‘It will hardly hurt at all’ they said.

They lied.

It felt as if it had started as a prick and ended up as a hole punch. My ear was brutally hole-punched. THERE WERE ALIEN OBJECTS IN MY EARS!

I reacted very well.

According to those present (sister, niece, and bearer of torture device), I was rather pale. I felt ill. Faint. Everything grew distant. I told the lady who did the brutal deed that though I was sure she was nice, I didn’t like her very much at that moment.

I hung my head like an ashamed dog and tried not to think about ears. Or piercings. Or MY SKIN – MY OWN FLESH, THE FLESH THAT WAS MY OWN AND PURE AND WHOLE – BREACHED BY CALLOUS METAL.

The Beautician – a lovely lady who did a splendid job (though I wasn’t inclined to think so at the time) – brought me cold water, a cold pack for my neck and turned the air conditioning on. I didn’t faint, but by golly, I wasn’t at my finest.

So far there’s been no infection, I don’t feel so ill when I have clean (or worse – turn) the foreign objects in my ear lobes, and I will have the experience of Ear Piercing for any future writing projects.

Was it worth it, you ask?

It will be.

17 thoughts on “ear piercing adventures [Story Time]”

  1. Hahahaha! That sounds perfectly horrible. My experience was much the same, except that I also vomited in the parking lot following the procedure. Then my ear lobes got infected several weeks later, and eventually after many months of removing, cleaning, re-piercing, etc., I had to abandon earrings altogether.

    A couple of years later I tried again with similar results (minus the vomiting) and haven’t done it again since. We later found out I was allergic to the nickel in the studs. The sad thing is that nickel is in almost EVERY piece of jewelry you buy, even the “pure” gold stuff unless you purchase 22 carat or above.

    So yeah, I’ve not had a great experience with earrings, but I’m willing to try again just because I like them so much. Titanium or stainless steel studs this time. 😉

    Third time’s the charm, right?

    1. OH MY WORD YOU POOR THING! You have my sympathies, my friend.

      Actually, the Beautician said that titanium was the best kind to have as they are healing and some people can be allergic to gold? Mine are titanium, the piercings are only five day old, but so far, so good. *re-reads your comment and grows anxious* What you went through! *shudders*

      Third time’s a charm? I admire you for not giving up – you go get ’em! Best of luck and there’s got to be some places selling not-too-expensive nickel-less earrings. Etsy, maybe?

  2. You poor child. 0_o I was not aware piercings can cause such pain to people. I got mine pierced several months ago, and it didn’t really hurt that much, although the first night trying to sleep I was so scared like something terrible could happen. But otherwise, I was fine. Although when the six weeks or whatever were over and I removed the studs, the piercings began to bleed. Like, there was blood coming out of my earlobes. I was grossed out. But the problem abated, thankfully.

    1. It wasn’t really the pain – though it certainly was more pain than I expected – it was also the complete mental block of ‘THINGS IN MY EARS AHHHHH!!’ It felt intrusive and just so, so wrong. (I console myself with the promise of beautiful dangly earrings.)

      HORROR! It bled?! I … whaaa-?! At least it stopped – the mental trauma of walking around with bleeding ears … !

  3. This. This is why I’ve always been afraid to have my ears pierced. *cowers* If I ever do, I’m sure I’ll end up light headed and nauseous. YOU ARE SO BRAVE.

    1. It will pass though. Just make sure someone is there with you – who can hold your hand when the Deed is done. I’m just focusing on my goal of beautiful earrings … 😀

  4. I got mine done when I was eight, and it didn’t bother me at all, but my sister has a whole story (lolz a “hole” story wiiiink) with hers (got them done by my totally knowledgeable parents when she was like a year old, then one fell out and the hole closed up so she was a pirate for eleven years, and now she’s allergic to nickel too blah blah blah). I love earrings, though. I know people who don’t have their ears pierced and or do and don’t like to wear earrings and I’m just like “… why.” Earrings are a beautiful thing. They can upscale your outfit by 100%. Even if you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, you’re instantly fab if you put on some hoops or diamond studs. I have some earrings that bring out the blue in my eyes and I just love those to bits and pieces. ❤

    1. (Forgot to add that I hope you LOVE your freshly-pierced ears! I’ve heard literally one story about someone’s younger sibling yanking their earring out – so none of the girls after her had theirs pierced – but it’s basically just a training issue. Whenever my baby siblings would reach their hands up towards my earrings, I’d just give them the death glare and say “NO” in a freakily firm voice and they’d stop immediately. My baby sister just liked to run her fingers through my dangles. But anyway all that said you should be fine. 🙂 )

      1. NO DON’T TELL ME THAT!!! Not that I’ve got wee siblings anymore, but the idea! I’ll practise my death glare though. Just in case : )

    2. Oh, what a pun. Gosh, allergic to nickel? Is she still a pirate or has she had the other one done as well?

      Your reasons make me happy. Those are my goals. Thank you for giving me more motivation 😀

      1. Yeah, when I got mine done, she got both holes re-punched. (And one of my best friends has about four piercings in each ear and she says not to do it so… yeah, don’t do that. :P)

        You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. YOU LOVE MISS FISHER? ME TOO!!!! Sorry to hear you had a bad time with it. Luckily you didn’t go to Walmart, like I did when I was 10, let’s just say I came back with 3 holes in my ears…

    1. A FELLOW FAN?! Aren’t her outfits fab-u-lous?!! And the Inspector?! And Dot?!! And everything?! Honestly, it’s such a great show : )

      What? THREE HOLES? Wha-? My word! *whispers* What did they do to you?

      1. YES!!! Oh I sure hope they get going on Season 4! Well, one was uneven, so they had to re-pierce it.

  6. Oh my word. So many terrifying stories here of ear-piercings gone awry! Lol. Sorry you felt so bad! I didn’t get my ears pierced until a few years ago. Though I always liked the idea of earrings I was too scared to get my ears pierced by needles, lol. It wasn’t until both my sisters got theirs done that I decided I HAD to do it too. So the next day I went alone. I was so nervous, lol. Luckily for me, it was way better than I expected. Really the hardest part was the turning… my ears did get infected and bled a little when I stopped cleaning them for a little bit. But they healed quickly.

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