ness talks about life

Spring! Summer! I am so grateful for the seasons. Everywhere is wonderfully, marvelously alive and full of colour.

I have neglected my blogging. And the reading of blogs of fellow bloggers. Picture a mole diving underground from internet interaction. Yep, that it is a little like me.

A List of What I’ve Been Doing:

– gone a week’s holiday, on a boat, on the water.

  – avoided the midday sun on said holiday, managed to avoid being burnt to a cinder.

– started a notebook of short stories ‘Book of Drabbles’ wherein I give myself permission to write anything, dribbling and drabbling or with passion and fervour.

– found rewriting book one of The Many Trials of a Blacksmith to be like a coughing car which starts some times and refuses point-blank to work on other occasions.

– read books. Lots and lots of books.

– learning to stall a car drive a car (the L is for Learner not for Life-endangerer)

– taking great joy in informing folk of the meaning of defenestration (which is the act of throwing someone or something out of a window).

– reading through the Psalms; so many beautiful verses.

Happy writing and living 🙂