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What Ness Did – Dragon Fatigue, Fan Fiction and Libraries

owlandbook– What Ness Did In 2015 –

Finally completed a trilogy

It is an incredible feeling. Honestly. I think the second book in this series is my all time favourite piece of work. The heroine is brave and I really got along with her. I felt her pain, guys. *whispers* I felt her pain.

The only down side is that I’ve got dragon fatigue. No. Really. It’s a thing.

And also: I’ve got two more trilogies lined up. Clearly I despise myself.

readingatneroRediscovered the amazing place known to us mortals as: The Library

Don’t step foot in this building if you wish to leave book-free. It’s impossible. Right now I’ve got four books out. I wasn’t expecting to pick up any of them!

Read. And read a little more

I’ve enjoyed reading Rosemary Sutcliff, Richmal Crompton, my very first Jane Austen and Jules Verne, Georgette Heyer (because, of course) and let’s not forget Wodehouse. *screams* I love you Wodehouse!!! *cough* and many others …

Travelled to – and through – four countries

… but I waffled along well enough. Ah. Puns.

‘Bathed in sweat’ became my reality. ‘Scared silly of a massive wasp-evil-hybrid because it’s in the coach too!‘ was another.

Also: ‘Ugh. My tights smell of wet dog. No. They smell worse.

Saved the world using ingenious methods

All right, so this hasn’t happened yet. But have no fear, my friends, I’ve been researching a lot and if I have to do it … all will be safe.

Finished a fan fiction project

*gasp* she writes fanfiction?!! I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, okay? And Bucky Barnes is a fascinating character, alright? 80,000 words worth of fascinating.

It took me over a year. I feel no shame.

Shout out to:

proverbs 31 // Faith // katiescottagebooks

… and all those who have read/enjoyed/commented/been featured on/followed this blog.

Thanks you, my friends. Here’s to a wonder-filled New Year.

I think I just rambled, Life

and so it begins

Figure 1.1 an apple leaf

I have been attempting to write this post for a while. At first, it was going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and would be posted on Christmas day.

Didn’t happen.

The second was going to be posted on the last day of 2014 and would contain a round-up of that year (including Very Important things such as: there was an attempt of reading Moby Dick. The attempt is still on going. Sort of. As a plus, I’ve learned a lot about whales).

Figure 1.2 bay tree leaves

But that didn’t happen either, for the new year rolled by. Well, thought I, how about a post on the first day of the new year?

It was written.

But wasn’t posted.

So this is me, knuckling down and posting this, so that, with a cough and a splutter, my blog can enter into 2015.

And I do mean a cough and a splutter. I’ve got one of those lovely winter colds which loves me so much that it really doesn’t want to let me go. The feeling isn’t mutual.

Figure 1.3 I call this one, ‘flowers in the frost’

Happy New Year!