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What Ness Did – Dragon Fatigue, Fan Fiction and Libraries

owlandbook– What Ness Did In 2015 –

Finally completed a trilogy

It is an incredible feeling. Honestly. I think the second book in this series is my all time favourite piece of work. The heroine is brave and I really got along with her. I felt her pain, guys. *whispers* I felt her pain.

The only down side is that I’ve got dragon fatigue. No. Really. It’s a thing.

And also: I’ve got two more trilogies lined up. Clearly I despise myself.

readingatneroRediscovered the amazing place known to us mortals as: The Library

Don’t step foot in this building if you wish to leave book-free. It’s impossible. Right now I’ve got four books out. I wasn’t expecting to pick up any of them!

Read. And read a little more

I’ve enjoyed reading Rosemary Sutcliff, Richmal Crompton, my very first Jane Austen and Jules Verne, Georgette Heyer (because, of course) and let’s not forget Wodehouse. *screams* I love you Wodehouse!!! *cough* and many others …

Travelled to – and through – four countries

… but I waffled along well enough. Ah. Puns.

‘Bathed in sweat’ became my reality. ‘Scared silly of a massive wasp-evil-hybrid because it’s in the coach too!‘ was another.

Also: ‘Ugh. My tights smell of wet dog. No. They smell worse.

Saved the world using ingenious methods

All right, so this hasn’t happened yet. But have no fear, my friends, I’ve been researching a lot and if I have to do it … all will be safe.

Finished a fan fiction project

*gasp* she writes fanfiction?!! I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier, okay? And Bucky Barnes is a fascinating character, alright? 80,000 words worth of fascinating.

It took me over a year. I feel no shame.

Shout out to:

proverbs 31 // Faith // katiescottagebooks

… and all those who have read/enjoyed/commented/been featured on/followed this blog.

Thanks you, my friends. Here’s to a wonder-filled New Year.

ness writes about writing

I am rather stuck … [Editing Block]
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Our Intrepid Heroine 2 has stalled. It’s written, all right. It’s even got a smashing front cover and a title with which I’m quite pleased.

However, every time I sit down to wrestle with it … nothing. Zero. Nada. You know when you put two magnets together, but turn one so that they repel each other? Yeah. It’s like that. Somehow, I simply can’t do it. And it’s affecting all of my writing. Because I’m not writing.

Which, for someone with vast dreams of world domination writerly success, is a wittle problem.

So, as with every problem, there is a solution. Mine? I’m moving Our Intrepid Heroine the Second’s Publication Aiming Date to September. And then I’m writing my trilogy and other projects because I am rather sick of producing nothing, nothing at all.

I’m rather disappointed that I can’t share OIH2 with you just yet. But it will be coming. Eventually. In the mean time, in another world I’ve got some dragons to slay and a marriage between a renegade and a willful young woman to arrange.

Whoever said that writing was boring?

While I usually attempt to post once a week, last week’s posting didn’t happen. Therefore, another post might pop up later this week to make up for it.

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The 777 Challenge (or Wheelbarrows and Heroines)

I have been very kindly unofficially tagged for the 777 Challenge by proverbs31teen. Thank you, and I accept!

The 777 challenge requires you go to Page 7 of your work-in-progress, scroll down to Line 7 and share the next 7 lines in a blog post. Once you have done this, you can tag 7 other bloggers to do the same with their work-in-progress.

I have three WIP currently, however, I pick Our Intrepid Heroine: The Mystery of Blackthorne Forest to be subjected to the 777 treatment. (Our Intrepid Heroine: The Mystery of Blackthorne Forest is a working title, by the way. It could easily also be Our Intrepid Heroine: I Blame the Carrot or Our Intrepid Heroine: Wheelbarrows are Hazardous to Big Toes).

— — —

[Note: I did not include the wheelbarrows in the list of probable reasons for her fearfulness. When one makes a list, one usually rounds it into three rather than an even four, but if a true list was made, then I would include the wheelbarrows. If there had been fifteen, or even twenty, then they would serve only as a comical prop in the scene. However, there was twenty-nine of them. Twenty is comical. Twenty-nine is sinister.]

She decided to call out to the listeners and pray that they were friendly souls. Preferably with ready food and warm beds to spare. And a pillow for her weary head. She’d like that.

— — —

As I was unofficially tagged, than I unofficially tag whoever wishes to unofficially do this tag. Unofficially. (I may be using that word too much).

“You keep using that word … “

At present, I am working [suspiciously guilty coughing fit] on the final book of TDWH trilogy, and am attempting to knuckle down and edit the first two properly.

Dragons, kidnapping and adventure, how I love you. But bad spelling and typos, whilst often amusing, are not so dearly loved …