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a christmas away from home

merry-christmas-2984138_1920.jpgThis Christmas was my first spent away from home, without family, and with the burden of cooking resting on my shoulders and that of my friend.

It was a little bit hard, but FaceTime exists, and so do books.


On the whole, the meals that my friend and I cooked were edible. It’s been well over twenty-four hours now and neither of us have expired. We cooked an English Breakfast followed by a Sunday Roast followed by … nothing; we were too full.



  • If your muffin tray is rusted, just give up on making the Yorkshire puddings. DO NOT – and I repeat, DO NOT – use cupcake holders and put too much of the mix inside.
  • If you do this, bin it. Your Yorkshire puds will turn into Welsh ones – soggy.
  • … aaannnddd they will be like flour glue. Flour. Glue.
  • Maybe don’t use chicken gravy for pork. Doesn’t quite go._220206.jpg
  • Don’t get exotic sounding sausages. They do not match an English breakfast. You will bin them.
  • Don’t make cupcakes with no recipe with the remaining Yorkshire pudding mix.
  • Don’t overcook the cupcakes you just made.
  • Don’t eat the overcooked cupcakes you just made – they will be hard and they will taste like sweet bread with sugar granules and chocolate chips to garnish.


With breakfast, we watched Four Lions which is a dark British comedy about four terrorists. It was not an overwhelmingly Christmas movie.

We both FaceTimed home. I spoke to my parents about drugs and life and witches which entertained everyone involved, I think.

Afterwards, with dinner, we partook of Pride and Prejudice – and, please don’t slay me –  but I’ve never found Colin Firth to be attractive.


I suppose it is because the first time I ever watched him on-screen, I was quite small and he was just an ancient bloke on a TV diving into a pond for some reason unknown to me.

And then, I curled up on the sofa with a book, An Unlikely Duchess by Mary Balogh – which had STRONG AND MARVELLOUS Heyer undertones and so made me very happy.

And finally, we watched Spiderman: Homecoming with friends. I’ve discovered that I too need Captain America to be there to help me through life.

so, you broke a nail …


The house that my friend lives in has AMAZING acoustics and so she had a violin and I had a tenor recorder and we played carols and songs. We are going on tour soon – and will be bringing tears to people’s eyes. Tears of PAIN!

(I’m kidding. I just really love that joke.)

Presents were from as far a field as England, and as near a field as a Wal-Mart. We had stockings and opened presents like grown-ups. (I’m just kidding – we broke and opened a present each the night before.)


Was I homesick, you ask? Yes. A little. But I survived – with the aid of friends, plenty of FaceTime, movies, books, and sort of edible cooking.

Happy New Year!


christmas cometh

This is a random compilation of facts. Because Christmas is the time for sharing.

Aristotle Humperdink Archibald the Rueful Rabbit has taken up residence in my room.


I’ve got a pile of unwrapped presents in the corner of my room. I’m doomed

Finding a new favourite author is a great thing. Finding a new favourite author is an expensive thing.

A simile is a comparison, usually with ‘like’ or ‘as’: She sings as sweetly as outraged cockerel.

A metaphor is also a comparison, but without the ‘like’ or ‘as’: His stomach was a bottomless pit.

The above facts may or may not be true. This statement could be indecisive. I’m not sure.

My writing is slow, like a glacier’s movements. SIMILE ALERT. So proud of my self.

Image result for yay for you gifs

It’s disappointing, and I’m going to fix this, but I don’t feel very Christmas-y at present.

Image result for grinch gifs

The Christmas tree is amazing this year. I selected it.

Sleeping At Last have a Christmas album. I’m quite pleased by this fact.

Have a wonderful Christmas, my friends. May you be blessed and enjoy delicious meals and magnificent company, like elegant swans. c’mon one last similie. Did it work? No. Oh well.

Happy Christmas!