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christmas cometh

This is a random compilation of facts. Because Christmas is the time for sharing.

Aristotle Humperdink Archibald the Rueful Rabbit has taken up residence in my room.


I’ve got a pile of unwrapped presents in the corner of my room. I’m doomed

Finding a new favourite author is a great thing. Finding a new favourite author is an expensive thing.

A simile is a comparison, usually with ‘like’ or ‘as’: She sings as sweetly as outraged cockerel.

A metaphor is also a comparison, but without the ‘like’ or ‘as’: His stomach was a bottomless pit.

The above facts may or may not be true. This statement could be indecisive. I’m not sure.

My writing is slow, like a glacier’s movements. SIMILE ALERT. So proud of my self.

Image result for yay for you gifs

It’s disappointing, and I’m going to fix this, but I don’t feel very Christmas-y at present.

Image result for grinch gifs

The Christmas tree is amazing this year. I selected it.

Sleeping At Last have a Christmas album. I’m quite pleased by this fact.

Have a wonderful Christmas, my friends. May you be blessed and enjoy delicious meals and magnificent company, like elegant swans. c’mon one last similie. Did it work? No. Oh well.

Happy Christmas!

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