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book hoarding and a buying ban: an update of sorts

As you know – or don’t, that’s okay too – I’ve embarked on a book buying ban. Namely, on my last count, I own a lot of books that I haven’t read. The number shames me. Shames! Me!

So, taking matters – and the books, though not all at once – into my own hands, I decided to read 45 of those books.

When I was telling someone from church about this last year, they asked how long it would take me to read all 45.

“Oh,” I said breezily, probably wafting my hand in the air. “Maybe a month or two.”


At the time of writing, Book 18 is being devoured: ‘The Ministry of Truth’ by Dorian Lynskey is about George Orwell and the creation of 1984. It’s grabbed my interest and has yet to let go. So far? I highly recommend it.

But though I am in the middle of this experience, I have already been learning some lessons. Let me share them with you.


Though the list of books I wish to read at the end of this is growing, I feel much better about myself. I’m not longer buying with eyes too big for my bookreading stomach (just go with that analogy). I’m reading what I have. And – astonishingly enough – what I have is really interesting.

Who’d have thunk it, right?

This year has been marked by me trying to be more mindful of the money I’m spending, the time I waste, the books I read, the clothes I buy etc etc. This book buying ban? It’s been so very useful.

I do not need to chase after the next book, the next interesting title … I just need to enjoy the ones I have.


look at all the books that I *didn’t* buy when I stumbled upon a booksale.


Taking pictures of books and posting them to Instagram is one of life’s little pleasures. However, it has made me question my motives: am I doing it because, personally, it’s something that feels like an expression of creativity OR – more to the point – does it have a whiff of boastfulness about it? A sort of: ‘Behold! I read this book! Bow to me! I am intelligent!’

I hope it doesn’t, but I am growing increasingly wary of Instagram – what are my motives? Why am I even posting this? Is this for my ego? Or is it because sometimes I have to express myself and ramble and to get things off my chest and I use this blog and that Instagram account to do so? (also I relish taking pictures of books and thinking oh wow this has much goodness. First, Instagram – next? NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC!)

We all know that social media can be incredibly unhealthy – showing life how we want to be perceived instead of how we actually are, promoting comparisons and that general feeling of being less and having a life that isn’t quite as good as anybody else’s.

Does my validation come by the number of likes and retweets a post receives? (I mean, if that’s the case, let’s be honest … I am in deep trouble.)

I keep a book reading diary to log what I’m reading and my thoughts regarding it. I don’t update Goodreads anymore because I was so darn proud of the statistics and I just knew that that was the first stage to unabated narcissism and grandiose delusions of grandeur. I don’t post pictures of every single book I’ve read because:

  1. I’m lazy
  2. I have a crisis of what is the point does this help anyone oh gosh nothing I’ve posted about books HELPS anyone why would anyone listen to my book recommendations OH WAIT it’s fine I’ll do it anyway no I won’t I can’t be bothered OH MY WORD WHAT IF THE WORLD FIGURES OUT MY PERSONALITY BASED ON THE BOOKS I’VE READ also what if this makes people think they need to buy ALL the books am I promoting an unhealthy mindset also I think my ego is far larger than I’ve ever suspected also I think I’d be a terrible regency heroine because my ankles aren’t finely turned.
  3. I’m occasionally paranoid in a HELP BRING SMELLING SALTS kind of way.
  4. Something in this world has to be private, dang it!

Though possibly overthinking everything can also be unhealthy, it’s worthwhile to examine my motivations.


Though the book was good, I assure you I was not worshiping it. Also, my armpits have never looked finer. I’M SORRY.


It’s hardbacks and paperbacks and smelling the pages in front of your face. I used to read far more ebooks, but since the great ebook cleanse of December ’19 (300 novels! DELETED!) I’ve been reading almost exclusively paperbacks and hardbacks.

It’s just too easy to spend money on ebooks. In my tumultuous past, I’ve inhaled novels by the dozen. Read two or three in one day. It’s almost shocking how much money – and, more importantly, time – I’ve spent on Kindle.

This ban has forced me to take a step back. To enjoy what I have instead of chasing after what I haven’t. It’s not hoarding if it’s books, one of my cups says. But … to be frank … if I’m buying book after book after book and not reading them … it certainly feels like it is.

I’m all for building a personal library, but I want to do it in a mindful manner. Not in a frenzy of buying a stack of books I’ve haven’t read.

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “book hoarding and a buying ban: an update of sorts”

  1. Good for you!! Right now I have a stack of unread books that are STARING at me in disapproval because they are unread. I got them for free and I’ve been putting off some of them because they don’t seem super interesting to me…but I still have to actually deal with them at some point because they’re just taking up space.

    Currently, I’ve been actually making myself read ebooks! I got a Kindle Unlimited subscription to help with my Fairy Tale Central reviews, and so I’ve been trying to read a bunch of Indie books that I’ve had on my TBR list FOREVER and then write reviews for the ones I really liked. (actually. I cancelled my subscription after the free trial was over and they were like COME BACK we’ll give you THREE MONTHS for $0.99 and normally it’s like….10 bucks a month so I took it. Now I’m on my last month of it and trying to cram in as many “free” books as I can before I cancel again)

    Right now, one of my biggest things I know I NEED to learn is that’s okay to NOT finish books. I think it is a bit of a pride issue because I don’t want to be a quitter but like…some books are just. Not good. and I need to be okay with not letting them waste my time! (of course…if I don’t like them I should probably get rid of them…and so I’m working on that, too)

    annnnd that’s an uncomfortably good opinion about hoarding :/ I feel convicted now

    1. Ha! I think that when this book buying ban is over I will likely gorge myself on ebooks once more and catch up on all the authors that I’ve missed releases from.

      I know! DNFing books brings guilt but the TIME it takes to finish is just NOT worth it. I’m not all there yet with DNFing but I’m trying to be a bit more ruthless.

      I have a dreadful feeling that occasionally I will resort to being a cross between Gollum (MY PRECIOUSSSSS) and a book dragon and just hoard a TON of books … but I’m hoping that I get much better at reading what I buy instead of leaving it in the continuous pursuit of MOARR.

  2. I am so happy that this is working out for you! Reading is something that brings us joy and when it starts to feel like it’s not genuine with buying too many or posting on instagram it is definitely time to take a step back.

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