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For The Adventurers

I am a firm believer in adventures. Little ones, big ones – it doesn’t matter what size they are. A big one is made up of smaller ones and smaller ones add flavour to life.

I’ve been told that I’m easily pleased. But there’s something so beautiful about running home in the rain, hair dripping and shoes soaked. Eating a toffee covered, cream filled bun as I shelter beneath a shop’s awning and rain pours down and down. Going to the library and pouring over books. Listening to music, drinking a cup of tea and reading a good novel all at the same time.

Living – it’s one ginormous adventure. Sometimes sad, sometimes happy and sometimes in-between. Certainly too fast, over too soon.haveanadventure

But for the bigger adventures – when you catch a plane or hop on a train, I would humbly suggest keeping a diary. Don’t feel as if you have to write everything down. That’s stressful and a pain. Write snapshots. Draw stick figures. Capture impressions.

You don’t always need a camara. Stand still for a moment and savour the scene that touches you. For me it was sun-drenched streets and snow-capped mountains.

But really, you don’t have to go anywhere to do these things. The sight of an evening sky, with the sun sinking beneath the horizon, caressing the clouds with its red beams is beauty enough. A shared joke between a family member. An amusing interlude or a Deep Thought; write them down or simply store them up in your heart.

I’m convinced that memories can be made and taken out, to warm us on cold days.

So go on – have an adventure. A big one, a small one, it doesn’t matter. Compliment someone on their excellent beret or walk barefoot across dew soaked grass.

..because it kinda sorta fits into the theme of this post..

… and little things mean a lot.

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