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Dear Character … ‘Less Personality than a Cardboard Cut-Out’

One of my characters has been giving me a little trouble. One day, once upon a time, I decided to have it out with him and wrote him a note. He responded. No, you may not doubt my sanity.

Dear Character,

You are as one-dimensional as a piece of paper and have less personality than a cardboard cut-out. You are giving me a headache.

I do not thank you for it.

Your Author.

To my Author,

Who created me?

No love.



Dear Character,

Who rebelled?


7 thoughts on “Dear Character … ‘Less Personality than a Cardboard Cut-Out’”

    1. This character is … grrr. But actually, he’s developing from these exercises I’ve been doing, perhaps changing into someone for another book. It’s quite fun, but boy he’s becoming a character all right. : )

    1. Yes, he just needed a 3D personality, and then I started writing a list from him requesting traits from his author and … well, he is a person and I’m not sure what to do with him! πŸ˜€

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