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Patience, Young Grasshopper




I was impatient –  I wanted to finish The Many Trials; to get it done. Over with. Complete. Move on to something else. And it seemed such a chore to do so.

I’m sure that you can see the error in my thinking – I didn’t though, and it took me awhile untill it ‘clicked’.

Why on earth was I worrying about getting it done? Why did it feel so hard to plonk one word in front of the other? Why was I beginning to loathe it?

I’d forgotten, you see.

I’d forgotten that writing isn’t about finishing it. Sure – doing so is, you know, just a teeny bit important. But there is no use in finishing a novel which drops like a dead weight around the neck at the very thought of completing it. It was like one of those awful dreams where you want to run, but are stuck in an invisible pool of glue and cannot move.

I’d forgotten to enjoy it – to love telling my tale. Forgotten the thrill of a funny piece of dialogue, a humourous description or an emotional scene.

And that is a rather big thing to forget.

So have patience, Young Grasshopper – you’ll reach the End. But what use is there in reaching the ending when the journey there has been dry and devoid of any enjoyment? Enjoy it. Put heart in every scene. Give colour to the voyage, and those who reach the End will be left with the longing to read just one page more.

8 thoughts on “Patience, Young Grasshopper”

  1. What a great post! You have put into words the exact feeling I get sometimes. I just want to get to the end, to see the finished project, but then I realise where is the joy in that? Writing is supposed to be filled with a writer’s love and passion for the craft, if it’s not then it might fall somewhat flat. A brilliant post! 🙂

  2. Patience is the most challenging and most important aspect of being a writer. Sometimes, I wish I could just rush through things, and it would be amazing.

    1. Oh – I wish that too sometimes, and it wouldn’t just be amazing, it would be momentously wonderful with a dab of awesomeness on top. However, Patience is a virtue which I must cultivate … and maybe as I become less impatient, my writings won’t seem to take so long and I’ll type the End and look back and think ‘goodness, that didn’t take long’.

      … Maybe 🙂

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