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some things i’m grateful for …

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let’s begin …

the fact that I’ve yet to turn into a superhero. Wearing those suits can not be comfortable, yo!

the fact that I’m deluded enough to think that ‘yo!’ is a cool thing to say.

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Classic FM (but not the adverts. I hate the adverts. I don’t want to buy cars or have landlord insurance. Nor do I want to arrange any funerals just yet, though it’s nice of you to remind me of my mortality. Thanks for that.)



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dwayne johnson singing!

that i’m not an astronaut

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puns. (Lots of puns.)




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lots of books
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Heroines and Piano Pieces

At the moment, I’m busily tapping away at the sequel to The Dragons We Hunt. This story has a different tone to the first book – more characters, fewer dragons, a little more dangerous, certainly harder to write. The heroine is unlike the one in TDWH – she’s more optimistic, hopeful, almost naive.

People are interesting. I like to know what makes them them. Why are they like this or that? How were they sculpted into who they are?

Sometimes I find a song or piece of music which simply seems to fit a character. Compare the two pieces Рthat of Kyssa, Heroine the First:

… to that of Nefna, Heroine the Second:

How different they both are, and what stories there are to be found in them.

Have a great weekend!

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Great, Great Grandfather’s Bones!

I am always thoroughly delighted to find new pieces of ‘writing’ music. The first, Eliza’s Aria from the Wild Swans ballet, I knew previously from a Lloyds Bank ad on T.V. But oh, it does make my fingers skip across the keyboard.

It is possible to grow tired of this piece … but only if you have played it as many times as myself (I won’t tell you just how many times that is).

Have you ever found a track which fits a character just so? I heard this one and thought … why, this is Kyssa!*

This one … ah, yes. Cheerful and upbeat. This one is from a Jackie Chan film – Chinese Zodiac. And don’t for a moment form a bias as to what the movie is about because it isn’t quite like anything that the title suggests. There are randonmly appearing pirates with Afros, frightened French men in fluorescent flowered shirts and a woman beating up her attacker with her ‘gweat, gweat gwanfather’s’ bones and that is only one part of the movie.

Have a great weekend!

*character has yet to be fully introduced on this blog.