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I’ve been blogging for a while now (‘a while’ because I’d rather not think about how long I have been blogging on various blogs. It makes me feel old.) and I have favourite blogs that I’ve followed over the years. Here are some of them …


This blog was born from that wonderful time when the Scarlet Pimpernel was all the rage in the blogging community [that I stalked]. It seems to have slowly faded away, alas. But sometimes these things do ‘appen. (Yes. That is a Phantom reference.)


BLOG STATUS: a faded dream …

EDIT: It comes to my blushing attention, that I’ve actually managed to make a general kerfuffle of things – whilst I originally put ‘SINK ME! ‘where humorous nonsense meets period drama’ as the blog name and link here … I actually meant The Day Dream. Sink Me! is still an active blog. And my extremely humble apologies goes out to the author. Absent mindedness, thy name is Ness.


I read and even participated in some (or rather, one) events on this blog. But I am no longer a teen and feel:

a) discriminated against

b) left out

Like, Go ‘Teen’ Writers? C’mon. I just feel like, so offended. Ageism is CLEARLY at play here.


BLOG STATUS: still going but I don’t read it as much because I am now a grumpy old codger.



I read this one and the blog belonging to Miss Dashwood’s sister. But I think the sister’s blog is no more and Yet Another Period Drama has slowly had less and less postings.

Now, I know – it’s easy to suspect foul play here; to think that if a blogger doesn’t post they have been killed by resentful otters, but one hopes that the reason the blogger is not blogging is because they are living fulfilling and busy lives.

Which I think is Miss Dashwood’s case; she has – it appears – either gone into ring/hand modelling or has gotten engaged. (In which case, I wish her a hearty congratulations and all the very, very best.)

BLOG STATUS: posting far, far less.


Rachel Heffington has evolved into a food writer and recipe developer but I was there in her novel writing days (HIPSTER ALERT) and my word, did Anon, Sir, Anon come out in 2014?!! Where has the time flown?!!

I remember when her very first book came out – I bought a copy and took it up into the Peak District to take pictures of, because I wanted Heffington to have sort of visited England, if only by proxy.

one of my favourite places in the world

Her author blog was quirky and witty and I loved to read it. Occasionally, I hold a moment of silence over the blog’s silence. (I kid.)

I think it was Rachel Heffington who first introduced me to Wodehouse – at the time I didn’t quite ‘get it’ – it would be a while before the penny dropped – but … now I have and for that, I am ever in your debt, Rachel Heffington.

BLOG STATUS: author has moved on to bigger, brighter, and more edible things


If I ever want to feel intellectually stimulated, I head over to Suzannah Rowntree’s blog. She writes delicious reviews and if ever I spot she’s reviewed one of my previous reads, you can be sure I put aside everything I’m doing to devour it.

I may not be enamoured with everything she says (she did not take to the characters in Behold, Here Is Poison by my beloved Heyer which I *cough* slightly resent because Randall Matthews is the cat’s meow and I defy everyone who says otherwise. NO I AM NOT BIASED) but her reviews are always terribly interesting.

BLOG STATUS: posting on


… there are so many questions to answer – who is a fellow Sutcliff reader? Who addressed the importance of red shoes? Who had the grabbiest post titles? Who LIKES K-DRAMAS TOO?!!! Who reads and writes far, far too fast? And – and this is the most important one – who introduced me to the wonders of Georgette Heyer?

This warrants another blog post. (Which will not be as tardy as this one. Probably.)


Happy reading!


i have excellent pronunciation

WordPress tells me that it and I have been friends for three years. Before that, I was aquantinces with blogger and I feel as though it would probably be more appropriate to talk about the differences between the two platforms. BUT! That’s not what tonight’s post is about …

My friends, I am quite delighted to announce that I am officially launching a podcast show. (Series. Season? Wut iz de lingo?)ofwordsandbookspodcover

Image result for confetti gif

It is creatively called of words and books (because I thought ‘i blame myshelf’ could sound negative and my brain, though begged, refused to give up anything that was a) better, b) not taken up or c) wasn’t a level 1 bad, awful, no-good pun.) It will be:

  • a weekly podcast – a new episode either Monday or Tuesday
  • full of book chats – I love talking about books and want to talk with you about them. The written word is brilliant. The spoken word is too. With this blog and this podcast? Best of both worlds.
  • have a few interesting pronunciations.
  • be (hopefully) increasing in quality with every episode.

The first episode is entitled How Do You Reform a Rake? and should show up in a nice media box beneath this paragraph. If it doesn’t … WordPress? After three years? This is how you repay me?!


[Edit: The box refuses to show. I have begged youtube for aid. Aid has been granted.]

Fear not, it shall not all be rehashed blog posts. I have authors and books aplenty that I want to share with you. The Rose Garden Husband is next week’s book, and after that I intend to persuade you that A Civil Contract by Georgette Heyer is one of the best things since tea was invented.

The future is bright and bookish, my friends!

my podcasting site // post i used as inspiration // this episode

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and so it begins

Figure 1.1 an apple leaf

I have been attempting to write this post for a while. At first, it was going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and would be posted on Christmas day.

Didn’t happen.

The second was going to be posted on the last day of 2014 and would contain a round-up of that year (including Very Important things such as: there was an attempt of reading Moby Dick. The attempt is still on going. Sort of. As a plus, I’ve learned a lot about whales).

Figure 1.2 bay tree leaves

But that didn’t happen either, for the new year rolled by. Well, thought I, how about a post on the first day of the new year?

It was written.

But wasn’t posted.

So this is me, knuckling down and posting this, so that, with a cough and a splutter, my blog can enter into 2015.

And I do mean a cough and a splutter. I’ve got one of those lovely winter colds which loves me so much that it really doesn’t want to let me go. The feeling isn’t mutual.

Figure 1.3 I call this one, ‘flowers in the frost’

Happy New Year!

ness rambles, ness talks about life

Tongue-Tied in the Comment Box

I follow quite a few blogs. And it is a well-known fact that bloggers appreciate comments. After all, it is rather pleasant to know that someone is reading one’s words and has taken the time to respond to all the hard work one has put into a post.

I know this. Really, I do. But it doesn’t stop me from getting tongue-tied when faced with the White Box of Response.

I could write a sweet and simple ‘Good post’  – just to let the blogger know that I appreciated the post – but my mental Ness would most definitely (and oh so helpfully) step in: ah, but doesn’t that sound patronising and doesn’t it lead to the question ‘what was good about it then?’ The pictures? The points made? The questions raised? That witty remark?

So a comment commenting on something in the post is needed. But what?

It doesn’t matter how good the post is, how interesting, how intriguing – it doesn’t stop my brain from being ever so helpful and coming up with a witty comment … like this:

… isn’t ‘Blank Space’ such an interesting thing to say?

And if my brain does give me something to say … some other person has probably already written something similar. Hmm … perhaps I should simply write ‘I concur’ or ‘I second this comment’ or something similar – without, you know, sounding creepy (‘You are so right in saying that, ha! can you believe I was going to say that too? Great minds think alike and all. Such a great post. Isn’t it a great post? I thought it was a great post – what? You too? No way. Here – have a cookie. No! Have ten cookies.’ *shudder*).

So, in general, I keep quiet – the Invisible Reader …  the Silent Stalker.

Occasionally, suddenly – like finding a light switch in a pitch black room – I find something to say and hurriedly type it up (with the usual spelling and grammar checks. And then reading it over once. And then twice. And then three times).

But often I suffer from a terrible condition that strikes just as I view that comment box:

Figure 1.1: An illustration of the condition known as ‘Tongue-Tied-Ness’

Forgive me, fellow bloggers.