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resolutions that we can keep

This evening, I’m feeling a little weary. I’m a people person. I love people. I like people. I find people fascinating. In small doses. Eight hours of them? Non-stop? I run out. Like a battery prone to coughing fits and accidental slips of tongue.

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But that’s not the point of this post. (There is a point). The point of this post is to belatedly discuss resolutions. I could sum up the whole post in one sentence, but, as I enjoy explaining things at length, I’m going to stretch it out into an entire post.

*maniacal laughter interrupted by coughing fit*

Last year, I wrote a post about the classic books I wanted to read that year. I read two of them: King Solomon’s Mines and The Three Musketeers. Two out of six is not successful. It is awful and no good. I’m not impressed with myself. To be frank, I’m disappointed in two things.

two disappointing disappointments:

  1. my lack of motivation
  2. my delusion that ‘heh, one month left in the year is plenty of time to read THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF PAGES’

This year, to be disgustingly optimistic is not my objective. Nope. I’m going to be depressingly realistic. I know me. And I know that I am often optimistic and wildly unrealistic. Just look at my to do lists – they are as missing of ticks as my future cat will be. (That sounded better in my head.)

I think we all would do better if we set achievable goals. Now, if you’re one of those sickeningly optimistic and motivated people who set goals as high as Everest AND MEET EVERY SINGLE WHITE CHOCOLATE LOVIN’ ONE OF THEM, I am not talking to you. I’m sure I would like you if I met you (hi!) and would only envy you a teeny-weeny bit, but I’m addressing people who suffer from goalfailuretitus.

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thaaat would be me. i’m addressing me

By ‘set achievable goals’, I mean the sort of goals that you know you can do. Sure, stretch yourself a bit (AND RISK PULLING A MUSCLE WHY DON’T YOU) but don’t over do it. There is a difference between saying ‘I’m going to swim thirty lengths at the swimming pool’ and announcing ‘I’m going to swim across the English Channel. Nay. THE INDIAN OCEAN!’

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This year, I’m giving myself goals that I know are possible for me to achieve. Yes, some of them are a little bit of a stretch, but these are my goals, darn it, I’ve got to let a tiny pinch of optimism creep through.

my thirty lengths* at the swimming pool:

  1. Read a Dickens. Just one. Survive it.
  2. Read Lorna Doone.
  3. Finish The Library Lass (that’s a working title. honest)
  4. Publish Sandwiches
  5. Work on The Salt Pun (also a working title. a brilliant working title)

*I’m not actually going to be swimming thirty lengths. The very thought leaves me limp with exhaustion.

And so, to conclude, to sum up, to finish, to end, to wind up, to wrap up etc etc etc:

set achievable goals

(or don’t. Set wildly unrealistic ones. Aim for the moon. Try and try and you never know, with enough elbow grease and will power, you just might make it. I’ll be here, with my two classics read, cheering you on)

happy reading!

9 thoughts on “resolutions that we can keep”

  1. THIS!
    I too suffer from goalfailuretitus. My todo lists always are HIGHER than Mount Everest and I don’t have any clue how to whittle them down, so I end up crushed under a pile of things to do which I know there’s know way on this planet I CAN do. It’s depressing. *cough*
    I approve of your goals and wish you the best of luck (GO GO! YOU CAN DO IT!) and I may take this as a hint to try to set more reasonable goals…
    Also has anyone ever told you that you’re hilarious? Because I love your posts so much and tend to grin very hard if not laugh at them. And I dearly love to laugh. Thanks for sharing! ❀

    1. YOU TOO?!!!!!

      Thank you very much. And to you to. TOGETHER WE CAN AND MUST CONQUER!!

      *bows* thank you. I’m so glad you think so. I dearly love to laugh too, my friend. If my blog makes you amused (instead of making you back s l o w l y away and then legging it with horror nipping at your heels) then I’m very happy.

      Thank you for reading : ) ❀

    And then tell us all about it and make everyone else read it too 😊

  3. Ahh, so that’s what I had all these years. Goalfailuretitus!! Explains a lot. Though it seems to pervade everything I do, not just New Years Resolutions.

    Small goals is goals! Like you, I will set some more reasonable ones that I might achieve them!! Which means I’m just going to set one goal… and then once I’m done with that, do another one, and so on.

    (Also Spock gif was perfection!!)

    1. YOU TOO?!! The amount of check lists I’ve started …

      Oh, I like that! One goal at a time – I ought to have set that but, oh well. Will just have to plunge ahead with the ones I’ve got. Best of luck to you πŸ™‚

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