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Tag. I’m it.

I’ve been tagged* – thrice tagged – and therefore it has been decided by the Grand Post Master of This Blog (that would be me) to choose three questions from each tag and answer them in a satisfactory manner.

Because ‘thrice’ is my word this week.

*a large thank you to those who did so. Cake and goodness and sunshine is yours for the taking.

Behind the Scenes

[tagged by Annie Hawthorne over at Curious Wren]

Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?writingatnight

Yes. White chocolate. But if I have a bar of this delectable stuff? The bar is soon gone. Less of a snack, more of a flash.

(And that sounded better in my head.)

When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?

Night. I’m struggling at the moment though. Treasure your writing time, my friends. It is precious.

What do you do to get into the mood to write?

By reciting the Greek alphabet. Backwards. Haha, no. Probably motivation – I have goals and I really want to achieve them. Also, guilt tripping. It works wonders. Most of the time that is – sometimes it’s easier to crash with a book and/or the internet.

Liebster Award

[nominated by Faith at justwaytooboss]

What did dream occupation did you have as a child?

When asked, I would say I wanted to be a nurse. Occasionally, I was going to marry a bloke called Obadiah and have lots of twins and triplets. (It was the quickest way to world domination.) But most times, I was going to save the world and be super nonchalant and humble about it.

So far: a) isn’t for me, b) Oh-‘this is a bad idea’-iah and c) I saved a bee once.

If you decided to learn another language, what language would you choose?

Oh to be fluent in Japanese. Or all the languages. I CHOOSE ALL THE LANGUAGES!

If a new planet was discovered and you got to name it, what name would you choose?


Infinity Dreams Award

[nominated by Eowyn at inklingspress]

Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Team Cap alllll the way.

If you’re old enough to vote, who are you voting for and why?

I’m old (decrepit in fact) and am English … which means no voting in America. However, when I do vote in this sunny isle, it is for the lesser of two weevils.

“In the service, one must always choose the lesser of two weevils.”

What are three of your favourite movies?

The Story of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men (‘Come sing low, come sing hiiiiggghhh!’), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Bucky!), Singing in the Rain (‘Moses supposes his toes’ are roses’) …. etc, etc … the list goes on.

Alas! This post, however, does not.

BUT FIRST! In the spirit of all true tags, here are three questions for you, dear reader:

// A spring walk or a summer’s day? //

// A stubbed toe or paper cut? //

// Spiders or moths? //

Tag. You’re it.

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“Aldifneif’sfds isazdfs,” said the Elf.

… or a wee ramble on languages.

At the moment, I’m writing in the fantasy genre. I also love languages and find them absolutely fascinating to study – but to make up one of my own? Without randomly bashing at the keyboard?


Um, no. No, I can’t.

My characters talk in plain ol’English. However, this doesn’t stop me having a little fun with the idea that these characters aren’t speaking/writing/reading in English …

Behind her, over shadowing the Halli lands, were the great peaks of the Mal a’La. There is a controversy amidst the scribes of the Great Country as to whether the translation of Mal a’La is “the mountains which are most steep” or “the Mountains of Steepness”. Either way, t’is no great matter, a Halli would merely shrug his shoulders – for him, they were mountains and they were steep: the Mal a’La.

A Halli was not one to dabble in such convoluted matters. The girl, for example, was named B’aa. The Great Country scribes would have, should they have learned of her name, agonized over whether the name meant “the most sufficient” or “that which is full of sufficiency”.

They would never have dreamt that her father was a shepherd and her mother, full with child, had been walking with her husband amidst the flock when the child had come. The father had  – untroubled by a lack of inspiration – named his child after the noise which encircled her when she first met the world – B’aa.

I don’t have the ability to make up a language but I can still give the impression that English isn’t their mother tongue.

OR … I could bypass all the verbs and adjectives and grammar and a thousand other Important Things and write a language with beautiful simplicity – like this:

via Pinterest which is via this artist on deviantArt


“Hiflsfjaldsij,” said I (that’s Nesskingsleyian for “Thank you for reading this post. May you be blessed with noodles, flying pigs and a flat screen tel-” er … on second thoughts … I think I’m mistranslating it).

Oh! I have a question … you see that splendid comic up there – I found it on Pinterest … however what I would like to know if it’s perfectly fine to take a pin off-site and use it in a blog post? I’m unsure and if anyone could help me on this it would be gratefully appreciated.