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Owl Are You?

(I know. It’s a bad pun)


Our Intrepid Heroine: They Sang (A Lot) is inching forwards. It is going to be a wee bit longer than the first one, as the adventure is quite the riot.

“And when your unicorn abandons you, you become officially Aware of the fact that All Hope Is Lost.”

I have another project that pounced into my brain and must, of course, be written down. I’m not sure if it’s got enough to go the whole hog, but perhaps it does. Let us see (or lettuce see, if we’re going with the puns).

I bought ten Alistair MacLeans this week. Ten! Each for a pound. Charity Shops, I love thee.

Do you know, I think the trees are an unsung tragedy of this Election; countless trees butchered for countless – countless! – pamphlets. It seemed that you couldn’t go a day without something being put through the letter box.

Anyway, this is me. It’s been raining, I’ve got coffee and there’s writing to be done – owl are you?

puntastic? *wiggles eyebrows*