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highlights of text butchery

thepunone.JPGI’ve been quietly editing Insalted for some time now. However, only recently did I bite the bullet and print the whole thing out.

There’s a lot of it. I don’t know if it’s my dramatic usage of paragraphs, the halts for Bolded Lists (I haven’t a better name for them), or if I’ve completely got the spacing wrong, but I’ve ended up with 334 pages to edit.


Usually, I just employ a liberal use of a pen, butchering this and scribbling out that. HOWEVER, with this manuscript, I have a better plan. As per usual, I butcher … but I also use highlighters and sticky notes.

I have four colours and these stand for a sub-plot, a mega-plot, background info, and THE ROMANCE THREAD.

(And yes. That deserves capitals. I’m quietly proud that this story HAS A ROMANTICLE ELEMENT!!!!)

Image result for old romance book cover
like this cover. but with more clothing

Why Using Highlighters Is A Highlight of Editing:

  • You can look back on a butchered page and think: my gosh, this looks legit! Maybe I am a Proper Writer after all!
  • It teaches you to never underestimate the importance of the highlighter in validating your career choices.
  • You can actually keep track of each plot line – how much of this plot is in this chapter? Do I need more? Less? How much ROMANTICLE ELEMENT!!!! is in it?
  • If you are a visual person, you can sum up what happens per plot line at the beginning of the chapter, and strike it through with the appropriate highlighter. It looks very pretty! And is useful. That’s 100% my reason for using them.

workspaceistidyMy work space isn’t very tidy. I have several coloured labels that er, I thought were sticky notes when I bought them. (SPOLIER: they weren’t.)

Now, they hang about like I did around other earthlings, wanting to be cool and useful but never quite making it.


I have highlighters, sticky notes, pens, hair things, soap, books, tea, an empty purse, and a laptop for music just chilling on the desk with me.

It is clutter, but I am of the opinion that I work better with clutter than without. (I have no wish to test this theory.)

Recently, I butchered into the wee hours andย  … I felt like a Proper Writer. I was haunted and hunched over with a blanket about my shoulders, eyes stinging, hand wielding pen and highlighter with fervor.

It was a wonderful feeling; I am doomed to plenty more of it.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve discovered that THE ROMANTICLE ELEMENT!!!!!! comes more easily when I’m tired. I haven’t re-read what I corrected last night, but I’m sure that it’s all coherent.

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7 thoughts on “highlights of text butchery”

  1. Oh my goodness, this post is life. I laughed so hard and I love it. XD Best post about editing EVAR. I’m glad the highlighters are validating, I’m sorry about the sticky-notes-that-aren’t, and the ROMANTICLE ELEMENT!!!! is hilarious. Thanks for this post and best of luck as you continue. <33

    Also, on an unrelated note, I tried to get Sylvester for my birthday per your recommendation, but the blokes sent me a different Heyer instead of it (then refunded me) so I have a surprise Heyer called Bath Tangle… but no Sylvester… But someday! Anyways this one looks to be amusing anyway. I also found The Talisman Ring at a library sale so I'm excited. #RandomExceptThisSeemedToBeThePlaceForRandomHeyerBabbling

    1. Thank you! And they are. THEY REALLY ARE!!

      Aw gosh – and to you too ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ohhhh! Let me know what you think to your Heyer experience. GOSH READ THE TALISMAN RING FIRST!! And give it a chance, I was a bit 0.o at first with that one … but it gets really good.


      1. Judging by how much I loved The Grand Sophy, Frederica, and Devil’s Cub, I’m guessing I’ll adore both of them, but I’ll def keep you updated! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Haha! Thank you : )

      At the moment I’m really enjoying editing this draft. I have a feeling that the next draft will produce another blogpost – ‘Why You Should Never Write Notes To Yourself To Use In The Next Draft’ or ‘How To Travel To The Past And Slap Yourself For Awful-No-Good-Hard-To-See Hand Writing’ … XD

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