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lemonade and sandwiches

I’m in a little rut at the moment. Inspiration is sulking in a corner. I’ve argued with Sandwiches about actual sandwiches and written half-formed plot ideas on my hand. Tolkien’s commentary on Beowulf isn’t conquered yet. A sci-fi has been DNF’d. And … I’VE DONATED BOOKS TO A CHARITY SHOP.

the victims. may your new homes be kind

Why these books? Lemme explain …

The Misinterpretation of Tara Jupp by Eva Rice

I adored The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets and was really looking forward to its sequel. And so … ta da. I found it. It was big, it was hefty and the beginning had promise. But the thing is, there was a relationship in there that felt so unnecessary. Why? The mind boggles.

If I compared the first book to a glass of sparkling lemonade, the latter portion of this book was also lemonade. But flat. And possibly lukewarm.

Stormy Petrel by Mary Stewart

[I’ve always called this ‘Stormy Petrol’ in my head. When you think about it *cough* that doesn’t make any sense. At all. Whatever next – Unruly Diesel?! Self, you disappoint me. Pay attention.]

Listen. I love Nine Coaches Waiting, Airs Above The Ground and This Rough Magic. I didn’t love this. I found it to be simply ‘meh’ and there is nothing worse than a ‘meh’ book. I felt no spark. No sense of enjoyment. So alas, away it goes.

Bath Tangle by Georgette Heyer

You gave away a Heyer!!! Yes. I know. I was shocked too. But the thing is … I couldn’t believe in the Happily Ever After. The issues of the couple felt unresolved. If you paper over a crack, it may be out of sight, but the crack is still there. Have issues? Deal with ’em.

The Happily Ever After seemed more like ‘Happily Ever [For The Next Few Years Until We Hurt Each Other Again] After’ and that’s too much of a mouthful to sit on my bookshelf.

And yes, that statement makes sense in my head.

// so farewell dear books. forgive me. and may your new owners enjoy you better than I did //

3 thoughts on “lemonade and sandwiches”

  1. “Happily Ever [For The Next Few Years Until We Hurt Each Other Again] After”. This is a real thing! Seriously, I can think of so many HEAs that were unresolved and left you thinking, ‘how is that going to work??’ Lol.

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