ness talks about life, ness writes about writing

e is for endurance (of the writerly sort)


endurance is …

plopping your bottom down on that seat and staying there till you’re done

ignoring your bed

also ignoring the weight of your eyelids which are. so. heavy.

(because you are going to finish this chapter)

putting one word in front of the other

forcing your brain to cooperate

turning your music up so that it does

changing the music because it doesn’t

telling yourself it isn’t the word count that matters, it’s the quality of the words

getting to the finishing line

dropping into bed

because e is also for exhausted

(and ecstatic and also exultant … because you’ve finished, you’ve reached your goal. You endured)

4 thoughts on “e is for endurance (of the writerly sort)”

  1. I’m at a point in life where my schedule’s crazy and free time is iffy, so this was a great reminder. The little steps really do add up. And ha, no kidding about the music! It’s funny how much that one little element can influence what kind of writing session you’ll end up with.

    1. That is so true – I was playing a wistful song whilst writing, and I just knew that if I had played a heart-pounding one instead, the scene would have turned out completely different. Music matters. 🙂

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