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Know what I’m finding interesting?

Characters. And their perspectives.

For instance, an Advisor – one who has lived his life with logic and reason, who excels in politics and wisdom, and is perhaps a little timid, faced with a situation – say a madman coming into a room with a knife – would respond differently to the Captain of the Guard whose life is not so much based upon his brain, but rather his speed, brawn and bravery:

The Advisor:

Shock, that was the first feeling. The second was the urge to take several paces backwards. The third was his hoarse cry (or was it a shriek? He didn’t know and couldn’t care) for the guards. The man – his eyes crazed and wild – began walking towards him, knife raised. He saw the knife glint in the candlelight – so small an object in so big a room; yet, at this moment, by far the most deadly. He backed away, unaware of how clammy his hands were or the erratic beating of his heart. The madman picked up his pace, a smile spreading across his face. The Advisor screamed.

The Captain:

Upon hearing the scream, Roderick – Captain of the Guard and Hero of the Crown, Bravest of the Brave and King of the Hunt, burst through the side door and into the room. He understood the situation in a moment and felt the thrill of the chase fill his veins. Within the blinking of an eye he threw his spear, in a heartbeat he was standing over his felled prey, a grin upon his lips. But then he saw the terrified Advisor and hastily assumed a solemn expression, “You are safe now, my lord.”

See how differently they react? Different personalities, different backgrounds, different fears, different reactions.

Fascinating, no?

this picture is supposed to have something vaguely to do with perspective …

PS: You may have noticed that the blog has changed names. Yes, it has. Lettuce Write, people! Okay, maybe that’s a terrible pun …

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