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Goals can be hard to complete: so just eat cake., if we look at say a goal – climb a mountain, write that 75, 000 word novel etc – the enormity of it all can be just plain depressing.

The idea of it is exciting; the end result is looked forward to with great expectation. But when the mountain from the travel brochure becomes the actual, real life, really high and incredibly-difficult-to-climb mountain or the novel “a girl meets a robot penguin who is actually an actor in disguise andthisisgoingtobesoGREAT!” grinds to halt (“that’s it, this is killing my brain. Why can’t they speak? They’re like awkward cyborgs!”) then … then the wish to throw up your hands grows. And grows.

It’s all very well to say casually and coolly, “it’s all about perseverance.”

Easy to sum and say … but the actual perseverance? The sweating away up the path? Overcoming writer’s block? Ignoring the desire to give up and flop down on the wayside? Not so easy.

But – have no fear my friends! I have found a Way to banish all feelings of despair …

Think of it … like a big, beautiful cake:
… like so

Now, say you want to eat the whole thing – you wouldn’t attempt to swallow it down in one go … would you? (Unless you are a hippo … if you are, please go ahead). No, you would cut a slice, and eat it. And then you would cut another, and eat that. And then another and another (and another!) and so on until (feeling more than a little bit sick) you’d accomplished your goal. Huzzah!

It’s the same with writing (or climbing that there mountain) – cut it down. You want to write a 75, 000 word novel in a year? Cool – just write around 205 words per day.

Take one step up the mountain path – because a step taken is a step nearer to the peak. A paragraph written is a paragraph closer to end of the chapter; the end of the book.

Break it up; turn your goal into nice edible chunks, and then, it won’t seem so big; so daunting.

ness writes about writing

Take a Deep Breath …

Writing … have you seen how many resources there are for us writers?

There are pages and pages, videos, podcasts, books and more books. All there – waiting to be read, watched and listened to.

And then comes the awe as in I’m a writer! – that kind of awe. And with awe comes fear, I’m a writer, noooooooooo what-if-it’s-rubbish?! – that kind of fear.

Often the writer is greeted by the whole mustplanoutcharacterchartsandstartworldbuilding rush.

But … ‘member when you where younger? When you planned and built the entire village for your dolls in preparation for that brilliant moment when the story would begin … only to find out that it was bed time the very instant you began to play?

There isn’t a formula for producing a novel, no set way to writing awesome tales but … there is a secret; one certain key to success.

“What is that?” You ask.

Simples, my friend; plop yourself down on that chair and grab a pen and paper (or keyboard and screen, whichever you prefer) and write.

You can clean it up later, you can pull it all to pieces and build it again.

But just write.

Take a deep breath, and start.

It doesn’t get more simple than that.