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Headaches, Insults and Meaningful Nods – Writing Snippets

I thought that perhaps it would be fun to post a couple of snippets from my writing in January (‘Snippets of Story’ is a monthly event held at Katie’s blog – Whisperings of the Pen). The latter half of Febuary is going to be quite busy and my writing will probably suffer a wee bit for it – but still, c’est la vie. It doesn’t matter how much I write as long as I’m still writing …

Timothy’s head ached. Nay – this was false; Timothy’s head was being pulverised by a battering ram, clobbered with a hundred cudgels and thrashed by a thousand knaves.

He sat with his head in his hands, leaning on his knees. He felt ill – sick. He never felt sick. He glared at the beam where his blood stained the wood. It looked horrific and he was somewhat oddly cheered by the gruesome sight – it befitted the injury it had bestowed upon him.

– The Many Trials of a Blacksmith

“That senseless man!” Leon gripped Robert’s right shoulder. “We’d best leave.”

“Why?” he asked, bewildered.

“Because she’s coming now; perhaps to beach where we stand. Bah! Fool of a man – son of loon and ostrich, head of mud and mind of spittle; to come now in such mists. Curse him!”

– The Many Trials of a Blacksmith

The chatter in the room ceased as her father entered. He gave a brief nod to his children – to which one it was hard to tell as it was rather an all compassing nod: Good morning, it said. I hope you haven’t shamed me overnight. Oh, by the way, I wish to tell you that I hold some affection towards you all. Not much – forgive me for having a whole kingdom to protect and love and not having enough to pat and kiss your heads. But in my own way, deep down (very, very deep down) I love you. Each one. Even you, Nell.

She was a fanciful creature, she decided as she returned his nod (though he was seating himself at the time and thus was quite unaware of it).

– Unlikely