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The Traveller Returns!

I had to give up several items of clothing, a pair of shoes and an hairbrush, but I did it; with only a handbag and a carry on case I brought nineteen books home with me.

They* say that travelling broadens the mind and enriches the pen. They could be correct.

As I looked out of the airplane window on the way home, I thought that maybe this whole experience was a gift from God, all nicely wrapped up with a big red bow. I’ve been blessed. Very blessed.

A little like this.

I had only ten days’ notice. Ten days and then I was off for a month and a half in the U.S.A. Yes, you are right in thinking that it was all very sudden. And no, no one had died. The real explanation is quite a lengthy one, but needless to say, everything dropped into place just like a really good game of Tetris.

out of a plane window
Have I mentioned how much I love clouds? No? Well, I do.

Having never been on a big ol’plane before, traveling on one was certainly an experience. So was being patted down for a random search. And having my bag searched (these things seem to happen to me. Only my hairbrush handle would resemble the neck of a bottle of liquid and thus have my poor pink carry on case pulled over).

Thankfully, all the airport staff were very pleasant.

I’ve acquired so much material for future blog posts on this adventure (adventure sounds so much better than ‘trip’, doesn’t it?). There were the clouds that resembled ice caps, that time I fainted from embarrassment, that really, really loud canon and the books.

Ah yes, the books. I read a fair few and wandered halls that were covered in books, buildings that were dedicated to books and little nooks and crannies that also had … you guessed it … tons of books (or as the Americans seemed to say ‘a bunch of books’. No. There wasn’t a bunch. There was a ton. A hundred tons. So many tons that I wondered how many butchered trees I was standing in the presence of).

And no, I do not speak of a library (though I did visit one of those quite a few times). I speak of … of … well, a post should be popping up in the near future dedicated to The Place of Which I Speak.

I arrived home (Oh England! You are a green and pleasant land even from the air. Especially from the air) and went to bed that night more tired than I have ever been in my life.

But I’m home and this blog has now been awakened from its hibernation.

Hiya folks!

Ness Kingsley has returned.

 *I have no idea who ‘they’ are. Perhaps ‘they’ are half a genuine ‘they’ and half my own invention.

8 thoughts on “The Traveller Returns!”

    1. Thanks Mishka 🙂 It’s good to be back … now to buckle in and start writing ‘proper.

      Hope all’s been well with you. And may I say your front covers are looking quite splendid? 🙂

      1. It was nice to see a post from you today 😀

        Everything has been well here, and thank you so much! Things are moving steady on the next book, so as long as nothing pops up then the release should be full steam ahead!

      2. Good, good. Oh man Mishka – is that over one thousand followers you have? CONGRATS! Hard work and sweat pays off 😀 Veryyy happy for you!

      3. Thank you so much 😀 It has been a busy time, but it really feels like everything is coming together.

        Will you be super busy now you’re back?

      4. Hmm. Sorta. I’m rather good at procrastinating but I feel very refreshed and invigorated and raring to get on with things. Whatever the ‘things’ are 🙂

        And everything coming together? I looked at your blog and thought something like ‘she’s an author now. A proper, official author’ 😀

  1. oh gosh! Your blog looks beautiful and helpful! ❤ I'm so looking forward to reading more of your work! 🙂

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